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Welcome! Our experience is focused to provide you with chickens that will Lay:
Started Pullets
17 -22 Week old Females. This is an excellent age to start a backyard flock or replace retired layers. They still have some time to develop and get aquanted with your coop before they lay. Most breeds will begin lay around 24-26 weeks.
Point-of-Lay Hens
24+ Week old Females. A premium hen ready to provide you with fresh eggs
Available Breeds
Rhode Island Red Pullets
None available until July 2017

Silver-Laced Wyandotte Pullets
None available until July 2017

Sex-Link Pullets: Cinnamon Queen
None available until July 2017

These lay 290-300 eggs per year
The last decade of our farming experience in Florida has convinced us of two things: Animals managed well without the use of antibiotics have generational immune improvement; and most animal agriculture is very short sighted.
We have endured difficult seasons of loss but the survivor breed stock comes out the other side hardier and more productive. Unashamedly, our prices reflect this loss. Our perspective, the long view, produces stock that averages increased lay and improved health with each generation. We selectively breed for natural immunity to the variety of diseases prevalent in our warm and moist central Florida environment.
We are happy to answer your poultry questions. Email or call. All sales check or cash and by appointment only. We do not ship live poultry.

Naturally Healthy Hens
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Twenty-Four Rivers, LLC
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Rhode Island Red Day-Old Chicks - $3.50
Available February 1, 2017 - August